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Calhoun 1977

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While rodents may have struggled in the utopias that Calhoun had constructed, human capacities for culture,
social organization and technological innovation, ensured they were capable of coping with crowding (Lazarus and Cohen 1977; Smith 1980; Stokols 1972).

That is reassuring.

Fischer (1975), meanwhile, was a leading exponent of a revised “subcultural theory,” which proposed that areas of high density allowed for the developmentof deviant subcultures which, while often exhibiting pathological behavior, simultaneously fostered community, innovation and creativity.

As we haveseen by the language that Calhoun used, where other researchers might be careful to minimise the possibility of anthropomorphism, he seemed at times to positively encourage it.

Colin Turnbull (1972), Ik society was characterized by immense cruelty, even towards children.

Escaping the Laboratory: The Rodent Experiments of John B. Calhoun & Their Cultural Influence

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