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How do you know it’s real?

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How do you know it’s real? It is a question of understanding and cognitive evalution.

How do you percept the stimulus under certain conditions and limited knowledge. How do you know the people over the telephone line is someone you know. The answer is; You’ll just never know.

Why? Because you and I are humanly creatures. We do not posses the understanding of someone else. We do not have the same dreams. We understand things differently.

We see differently. We fear.

To understand this, how do you know it’s real? question. There’s three possibilities of the outcome.

  1. You try and error
  2. You just go away.
  3. You predict!

The first two are for people who are obviously paranoid of stimuli. I’ll use the third method.

Prediction is the power that human have. You’re frontal, parietal and temporal lobe are powerful to predict the future of the outcome. Therefore, this is the definitive tool for you to understand how do you know it’s real?

Infact, this is the only method that scientifics studies are based upon.

But, there’s a catch to it. You can only predict when you have understand it. How to understand something that you are not aware of? That’s a different question. You’ll have to read and think deeply. That is when you the answer to the question how do you know it’s real?



Written by M Khairul Z

February 4, 2006 at 2:27 pm

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