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Last Saturday, I read these articles from Bizweek and nadiBiz, the former is of NST and latter is from Berita Mingguan.

Interesting, to read that, Malaysia launched it’s first mobile phone three prototypes and is under production. Launched by PM, Pak Lah. Another Bumi company.

and, in the BizWeek, it got this exclusive interview with MD EPF. EPF is at 5% with an invested capital of 260bil. WTF? 5% is sebenarnya sikit, compare to ASB only 100mil fund could given a substancial amount of 9.75% to its member. He said that, of the currently interest rates about 1-3% EPF is quite stable. Most of it’s income are from reality and estates.

So, I read both of this newspaper! What’s interesting is the first one, it read. “Pelaburan yang tidak menguntunkan adalah pelaburan yang BODOH!” He is way right! Unprofitable investment is stupid.

So then, I discussed the thing with Sedi, Ghazali and Zam, through the weekend, with MAS loses up to RM1billion in the third quarter and PROTON image being tarnished and all. But PETRONAS and TNB is doing well. These are the major hard-core company contributing to the nation well-being.

Goverment are protecting their investment, but if the companies are not prepared to drown just kick the MD and the rest of the stuff out, just like when PETRONAS did during the economic slump.

Sad to say, the goverment are being over-protective over these unprofitable investment and “UNPROFITABLE PERSONEL”.

Today, the newspaper, Susane somthing married to European guy, made into Berjaya group management. She’s the potential senior accountant for Berjaya. Made alot of turn around in these superb comapany.

To PROTON, and MAS, kick all the employees whom are not productive and get outstanding candidates. Good candidates will produce better productivity to the company and the nation.

The word I’m looking is DOWNSIZING!


Written by M Khairul Z

February 26, 2006 at 10:13 pm

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