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the best things in life are always free..

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I was watching the movie Forrest Gump for the third time the other day when, I started to noticed that Forrest Gump was not the actuality of the crippled person, it is a movie of historical facts of american contemporary culture. You see, the movie revolves around the underestanding of complex mental state. What I mean by complex mental state is, the world is so complex, and to understand the world, you'll be needing an extremley crafted mental state. But to Forrest, it is not that, so much of importance, it is the important things in life are important. It is a movie of, in simple words, how an idiot perceive the world around him?

Recap, Forrest Gump, represents a growing child, eventhough he is probably, like 33 years old in the movie, with an I.Q of 75. My I.Q is 160. He does not understand things, but I do. He does not see things the way I do. But to my utter surprised, Forrest Gump is a much better person than me.

Forrest gump is a, stupid and hardworking idiot, who is looking for a destiny, he called it, in life. Through out the story, he had been always thinking about the Girl, Jenny Curran, whom he had admired so much. Although Jenny is, ten times better than him, he had been admiring this wonderful turn sour girl for his entire life.

Forrest Gump, represents that inner child with innocent and simplicity. Yeah, thats the word. Simplicity.He does not know what, why, how or who; but he tried to control the limitational power that he has. You see, resources of what kind so ever is so limited. He said, Mama always said that; Mama always said that; He doesn't know much but he knows as much as true. He understands truths. He accepts his weaknesses and on.. I admire his quality.

Incidentally, he had been triyng to define; the more you know does not mean the more you'll be in control.

I liked the scenes, when he said, I wish I was here with you Jenny, when the sun was rising up, theres no different between heaven and earth.

When I was in the desert, I had always wanted you to be with me, when, the stars were shining brightly in the sky.

When I was, in 'Nam, I'd be writing to you every day, not every but almost.

When we were always like peas and carrots.

What I liked most, is; Life is like a box of chocolates; you'll never know what you'll be having.

 The Protagonist, Forrest gump, and the characters revolves him are so limited that, he becomes to need them. Jenny Curran, Mama, The Boys, Bubba, Lieutenant Dan, and the President. The President? Pelikkan.

This is a good story to watch over and over again. It makes you realized that the best things in life are always free. Always free.

 Life is simply Forrest Gump.


Written by M Khairul Z

May 13, 2006 at 10:00 am

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