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Do you think, a car makes a man? Yes, I think a car makes a man. Infact, a car defines the man. Just like what he wears and what he eats. It describes the very nature of a man. It defines the limitations and boundaries of a man. Don't you think so??

I was in the traffic jam last night. It was from Gombak up to my house. Like a 25km crawl. How sick is that?

So as I was, crawling the traffic jam, I spotted a glitzy gold colored volvo s40 and another one of those BMW 3 series. I was, subconciuosly, saying to myself, I'll be buying one of those one day or another. Like you know what 50 cents said " Get rich or die tryin'" Both cars were also crawling in that super crowded MRR2. I was listening, what a song, bad day or something and I was tired.

Indefinitely, my little mind said to me, "Alah, kete dua-dua itu pun stuvk in the jam". Yeah with style. Their cars perfected their styles and attitude. Both of the cars.

You see, I was thinking, why would some rich dude by some RM400,000 just to drive it in the middle of MRR2 with traffics and lorries cramping the shit of it. Why would he do that?

So, again I answered. The definition of a man is with his car. It reflects perfectionism.

Perfectionism is a state of being. Being outmost perfectly fitted with perfectness. These are the peoples who were very determined to show-offs their perfections. Their styles and status, and their presence.

I was sitting in that Green Little Kancil.

Sometimes it is so true that what you have defines you. 

But on the other hand, if you have nothing then you got nothing to lose. Right!. You have nothing to lose if really you are dead broke. No money, no childre, no family and nothing.

It saves you from the idealistic mind set of materiliasme. Perfectionism is not materialism. Although it inclusively define material gains and and absolute indicator for perfecionism.

I would rather say, perfectionism is an attitude of normality.

Normal people work hard. Do you realised that? Normal people understand what is working hard and taking the shits. Normal people are just ordinary people who are trying hard at making the most out of it.

Yeah, that is my life. A little bit of ikan bilis on the that, super whopping USD 300.00/per head meal.

of mere Kancil and the grandious Kompressor. 

Well, sometimes everything you have never defines you.



Written by M Khairul Z

May 27, 2006 at 6:15 pm

Posted in Medical Life

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