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I like cars, and the thing that comes with cars. Including, their specs and off-course rims, and not to mention girls that posed with the cars.

So, I got the chance to go to KLIM06, with che mat, raffeek and faqrol. They had to wait like 3 hrs before entering the exhibition. Worth it though. Nice cars, nice girls and nice people.

I had been to like KLIM since form 4, and with rides so cool how can you miss it.

I was dissapointed when myTeam could beat Malaysia, they played it cool but, they lost. Today, I'm reenergized with the so called cool cars. My favs, are two, Brabus CLK and Volvo c70, superb designs with interior and rims. Just wish I could get my hand on 'em

so I was snapping some pics of the cars, haven't uploaded the cars pics yet, but have uploaded the girls ones.

free nanti I upload the car punye pics

People were like crazy, everyone was snapping and trying and imagining their dream cars.

Wish I was a millionaire right now, get those cars and ride it all the way to heaven.


Check out pics at

and these 

yeah it was nice!

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Written by M Khairul Z

May 29, 2006 at 7:17 pm

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