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.. of the little things we’ve missed..

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I have long missed to tell the comforting things in my life. You see, my life is empirically different from others, quite unique I guess. (that’s whats most people tell you anywhere).

The comforting in my life are the likes of;
“Having to just showered with a hot and warm shower in that little cubicle shower room, with a cup of chocolate ‘milo’ soothing, after then, and wearing that dry 100% cotton white colored t-shirt and that worn kain pelikat, and – having to sembahyang Isyak at 11.30pm, after arriving from that tedious journey from somewhere”

It’s so nice to be at home. Having those of the things that are so familiar to you. That sikat, and shirt you loved the most. And that cosy comforter with the 22 degrees celcius air-conditioned on.

After which, you watched that channel 11 and discovery, and wanting to go to sleep but you just cant yet. Well, you have to plan for tomorrow. And, again you really have nothing to do, eventhough the things that you have planned in the early of the week is jotted somewhere you cant remember.

Sometimes we just forget the things we loved the most.

nice to be at home


Written by M Khairul Z

July 8, 2006 at 12:36 pm

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