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I’m thinking of setting up a new business.. well.. tweaking your computer till it become so efficent.. multi-tasking.. multiple windows screens.. and heavy loads of computer programmes running.. and I’m still studying how to efficiently allocating ram virtual drive..
I realized that windows got lotsa protective issues. That’s why tweaking it requires a lot of job. Yeah, let see how it goes.

And, this virus that has been going on kat library really bothers me.. *.exe, anyfiles.exe, and kerja.exe

a simple virus but it affects lotsa people. kacau ma.

this virus need to be removed. How ever I just couldnt get into the Administrator account legally. So that I can remove it.

I see that this virus problem really kacau people’s work and drives me mad.

Tah sape punye kerja la nih.
AVG updates –
release 20 July 2006

I’m checking out this new facility that the Mahallat providing. CC at this new building. Good progress with 10 pcs running on 1MB Streamyx I think. Like the one at the sister’s building

Cume, my concern is not to let people abuse stuff.

Why are people abusive?
May be because people are kufur.
Yeah, She’s right. Peace to the world.

Khairul 🙂


Written by M Khairul Z

July 23, 2006 at 9:33 pm

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