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Of the little things I enjoyed every Saturday morning, is that roti sardin at Pak Lah stall behind the mosque that everyone goes.  Wee, you know, the usual, roti sardin and teh tarik kurang manis, and with some company, good friends and having good times.

While, I was driving back to mahallt, I stopped and saw one of my senior’s car broke down. So I went on, to see him, just incase he needed any help. It is good to be helpful when you really have the morning off.

And, in that midst of conservation, came this crappy pak guard I know of. I really hated this guy. He thinks that everybody should listened to him, as if he was the only guy who understand this little world of UIA Kuantan. This crappy pak guard then, ask me

” Kete WJ..WJF to rosak ker?”

“Tak de lah.. ”

“Dah ambik sticker baru?” . He asked me  a couple of times. I really couldn’t understand when he said the word sticker. What?

“Dah ambik sticker?”

“Belum”. I simply replied.

“Tu lah.. anak orang kaya… akhir bulan nih bayar lah 50 ringgit. 2.50 pun tak bleh nak bayar”

“alah.. pakcik saya betul-betul sibuk sekarang”

“Kat Jalan hospital ade.. Indera mahkota ade.. ” he raised up his voice and getting pissed with me.

He gives me ‘that’ face. I wish I could just hit him so that, he knows the situation I am in. I was damned pissed. At time, I wished I can bitch-slapped him in the face just to see him walked away.

I then walked away letting him know that, I dont have the bloody time to talk to him.

I was cursing him a couple of time and now.

So I went to the Security,  and renewed my stupid RM 2.50  sticker.

Just to see, another Pak Guard face, I felt the whole stupid incidence again.

to be continued..


Written by M Khairul Z

August 5, 2006 at 9:26 am

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