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During my 4 hours journey, going back home, I managed of thinking certain titles for my future book. Herm, it seems that I’m to ambitious to, grow and live kan..

1. The Neo-Malays
This book is an autobiography book, on certain prominent figures in shaping the Malay community. Public figure such as, Tun Hussein Onn, and Prof. DiRaja Ungku Aziz. Molding the education and understanding, and protecting the rights of the Malays. It also contains the future personalities of the atypical malays. Listed one by one, transcended the normality of typical malays attitudinal problems

2. The Depressed Nations
A hard to get book, this book covers the psychiatric problems of the nation. Case studies of the American Dream and, the Vision of 2020, and to the application of Tsun Zu; Art of war into the corporate culture. This book also tells you how, and why a national depression state of being is enculcated in such stress working environment, family and marital problems, academic burdens, and socio-economic and materialistic borders. Work in progress.

3. The One
This book is based on the current contemporary views of a living muslim into the world of atheism. Arguments are put into believing in oneness of God, and realizing there is a God. This book covers the personality aspect of putting God first in life. It resembles a continuing effort of Harun Yahya works.

4. The Awkward Silence
Inspired in the silences in elevator, the author try to capture stories of nothingness that shaped the mentality of the people. Set in the cold cubicle, 6ft X 6ft, this book explores the subjective feeling of happiness, the sadness and sense of belonging in the current community.

5. The Final Frontier
This book in its very own nature, is a continuing work of the problems faced by the current contemporary muslim leaders. This book covers the problems of leadership and methodology of leadership in the various perspective including the Islamic worldview, the Jewish nationalist leadership and the Christiniaty separation of secularism.  This book is also aimed in to the development of one muslim nation.This ambitious project denotes the finality of the authors work.

Well, these are some of the titles that you may find in 20 years time if ever the books are published and not banned under ISA. hehe 🙂

Good luck finding them.

p/s: One more, the unification of truth. yeah..


Written by M Khairul Z

August 19, 2006 at 10:08 pm

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  1. my books are not yet started.


    January 7, 2007 at 8:12 am

  2. check out this titles.

    1. Religion-Science Relationship through the Ages: A Cursory Glance.
    2. Expansion of Knowledge and Emergence of Issues.
    3. Cosmic and Biological Origin.
    4. Cosmos-Chaos or Order: Scientific Perspective.
    5. Human Genome Mapping and Cloning.
    6. Indeterminacy, Uncertainty and Faith: Quantum Perspective.
    7. Environmental Crisis: Theological and Scientific stand.
    8. Eschatology, Immorality and Lifer after Death.
    9. Conclusion.

    Wah! susahnye. Tak tau nak start kat mane.


    January 14, 2007 at 1:18 am

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