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I went  on rambling with abah, about this thing called quotient. You have like Intelligence Quotient (IQ) ; measuring you intelligence as they say it, then Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and then you have Spiritual Quotient (SQ) and then Adverse Quotient (AQ) and then I searched more on the internet, even Financial Quotient (FQ). I went on searching more, on how to objectively assessed these quotients.

But then I didnt really understand their methods. I questioned upon the reliability, well according to some studies they are like definitive and others, mixed reaction in the psyche world.

Then my dad adds, ” Check your self!”

A reality check have befallen onto my life.

I have like a good IQ, so-so EQ, so-so SQ, good AQ, and bad FQ.

but still these assessements are like, subjective. herm.

I think its very important for you to know these quotients. It makes life a lot more decisive. Usually your decision making are based on previous, experiences and understandings of the situation. More oftenly, you tend to make a decision based on previous safety net provided you have one. For e.g, your dad’s decision or you mum’s

At least you can have always someone to blame latter on. hehe.

Unless, you have that complete understanding of yourself, and you keep on growing, I guess, you’ll become better each day.

Mr. Kyaw, the neurosurgeon, asked me one question when I was in the OT, he said how do you keep your selve motivated,

I said well, I keep on comparing myself to somebody good.

I dont know whether its right or wrong, but it works with me!

Yeah, the way I see it, it is always up. But most of the time, you tend to see, the previous downs.


Written by M Khairul Z

August 20, 2006 at 6:46 am

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