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Hargh! It’s been like a month ago, the last time I’ve written. It took so long, just to be able to write things. I went through some very busy posting but, the way I see it, its just another one of those phases in medical studies.

Yesterday, I went to this perkampungan orang asli in Kg. Sena, about 10km away from Pekan. Not of a super remote place, but remote enough for people of Orang Asli to live there.

Orang asli is like the indeginous population of the Malay archipelago. Probably, some 3 million of them or maybe more.

To see, them walking in different coloured, slippers with so worned out shirts, with some really confusing hairstyle, it made me wonder whether the ancestorial of the people I knew were like that?hehe
True enough, they dont live in luxuriouslife of this and that, but they lived within their own style. Their very own distictive life style. A class of their own.

I did tried to “menyumpit”, it was not that hard. But really what amazes me was their celebration of life. Celebration of good life.

Orang asli in away represents to most primitive lifestyle I’ve have ever seen. But still, within their community they managed to live, and thrive in their very own level.

One thing worries me most was, orang asli level of thinking. It like so far from the real world. I once read this article saying that, the Malay thinking, is like in the year of 1800 compared to the Western level of thoughs. So, just to project how far backwards their thinking, they might be 4-5 generations back to the Malays. And the Malays compared to the Chinese should be about 3-4 generation behind.

Its very important to develop this idea of thinking perspectives. Because this would mean the understand of freeedom. Freedom of thoughts within the context.

I may have to look for some statistics of the Malay people just to know at what level they are. Where they are?

Asking of questions, I have been reading this book, 365 days of happiness. It describe of the happiness people felt every day. It’s nice to see, people being happy after had been seeing, people getting bombed and sicked everyday. It makes you cold. Yeah, it really does.


Written by M Khairul Z

September 4, 2006 at 3:44 pm

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