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Pain is the predecessor of success.

..of Ramadan..

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I have long awaiting for Ramadan. Ramadan is the month when muslims all over the world fast. The word fast does not really connotates a, literal meaning such as not eating, not drinking, it implies a much wider definition, such as refraining from things which “batal” the fast, whats the word..? abolish, terminate, i cant really think the most suitable word for now.

And I have been doing some searching about music, mengadaptasikan muzik dengan agama dan dakwah? I asked Syed, on what was his opinion, he said to me, refrain to the minimal you can. He said to me, I learn a lot, from listening to musics, but then, .. (a moment of silent) herm, I was wondering whether, the answer is postively and affirmatively towards a verdict, but a moment of silent. Then, I had asked the same question to Firdaus, (yeah congrats on the seating for Student Representative Council) he also has this same approache towards answering such question.

also this link

Why these two issues? well, ramadan, is like the liberated month, you can control the urges, temptations, cravings, wantings, what else, just to seek His presence. Same goes to things like musics, you have this tendency towards, wanting to be near to the source, wanting to know and understand musics, and want to hear of it, but then herm..

On the contrary, while jotting these ideas, I am listening to “Hidupkukan Damaikan hatimu” by Caffeine.

During the holidays, I also managed to observe, some of the ideas, that are implanted in the mindless mind. A lot actually, about wearing clothes, answering questions, starting a speech and all. Why suddenly this girl I knew, from wearing hijab and then five years later not? Why would you answer the question by saying, I think? and Why do you start a speech by not praising the greatness of God?

Culturally, well you can say. But it’s more that that. Its a form of, methods. yeah, exemplary methods of inhibiting the progress of muslim. I studied on that later on.

Radical you may say, but its more of sceptical observations. hehe.
For now, welcome Ramadan.



Written by M Khairul Z

September 23, 2006 at 11:47 pm

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