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I again did some more research on, how to speak and write good influential masterpieces. You see, the toughest part of relaying information is getting the idea across right. Sometimes or rather, in the effort of giving such information, you’ll end up with giving wrong and deceitful information, and then, people will get confused.

Anyway, along the way, I found some good statements, whilst doing some research. It goes something like this,

”Masalah besar ialah hujung jatuh manusia ada pembalasan akhirat. Pembalasan ikut kaedah al-Quran, tak boleh pandai-pandai. Oleh kerana lama sangat di perintah oleh orang putih, maka kita berasa tak apa duduk tolak al-Quran,”
Begitulah kata2 Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat kepada utusan bertarikh 6 November 2005(4 Syawal 1426H). Quote:

In a way, I think its very true. The first part, masalah besar ialah hujung jatuh manusia ada pembalasan akhirat.

To me this statement, reflects something special about the lives we lived. There’s an end, to it, and to that end, there is another beginning. Herm. A beginning, meaning that, there’s another life out of your limited capabilities. And yet, there’s a sense of security. You see, this statement, had it’s emotional meaning, of regarding, the pembalasan akhirat. It shoes certainty and security.

And the next one, oleh kerana lama sangat diperintah oleh orang putih, maka kita berasa tak apa duduk tolak al-Quran. I liked the word diperintah, and the latter part, tak apa duduk tolak al-Quran. It has two meanings. To those who thinks seriously, this is the final end to the statement. A definitive diagnosis of the problem.

On the brighter side, it is something like a humor. Nobody would like to deny al-Quran. Those who denied, are absolutely, fallen.

So you see, these different lights toward understanding a statement can make people think in a differently manner. Well, these are some random examples. What if the statements, were something like a fatwa ker, a decision making statement ke, or something yang life changing.

And, the way I see it, thats my problem. I can not get things out my head! Right and right.


Written by M Khairul Z

September 25, 2006 at 12:26 pm

2 Responses

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  1. the different interpretations is what is unique in islam. thats why there are different mazhab’s dont u think?

    but i get ur point, can be dangerous, very.

    thats y we need tok guru la kan?


    September 25, 2006 at 7:57 pm

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