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I remembered that, last year, around the month of Ramadan, I was so depressed and fed up with my studies in general especially OnG. Not that, I dont like OnG, is just that, I was probably having some sort of maladaptive disorder, and then developed into a depression.

Life was terribly hard. It’s like having no hope at all. No hope at all. You dont really want to get up in the morning, and go the ward rounds because, you know, the moment you entered the wards, its hell. Its like waiting to gobble you up and then spit you around..

You know that, you have to wait for like 4 hours just to get, to deliver babies, and somehow or rather luck was never on you side. And, even worst, when you had just finished drafting that presentation, the lecturer whom, after had been torchering you, not wanting to put down their signature onto that yellow-colored log book after that grueling 1 hour super-headache presentation.

Life was hard then. I hated life.

But soon, after the exam, I realized that, I’ll be in the hell-hole, again. Of course during my fifth year and my houseman years.

So I thought,

Why not enjoy the pain then? Cool off with making really stupid practical jokes, and then, crying in the middle of the night having God by your side.

I’ve been shaken with blood, sweat and tears, (not to mention, fecal matters) but still I am a Believer.

Seeing Hell in ortho! But then, who the hell cares! hehe..

check out Anousheh Ansari Blog at , hoping those two doctors from malaysia, would write a blog too! 🙂


Written by M Khairul Z

September 26, 2006 at 11:27 pm

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