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..Malaysia.. the next Biotech Kingdom

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The way I see it, Malaysia, will become the next Biotech Kingdom. Do you know that, there are millions and millions of plants are not evaluated scientifically for their bio-medicinal properties? Well, I asked my dad, who is currently working for MARDI, regarding the potential market that Malaysia has. Not only interms of food productions, but also, drugs and the pharmaceutical research.

He told me that, product are not scientifically proven, however their used are, exceptionally good in the traditional aspects. He adds, there no clearity of scientific research in their used. There are no substantial research to support clinically. True. You see, my dad works are based on propagation of potential commercial plantations. Fruits and Plants.

So you see, the next step is application of these, propagated plantation. He collects various plants through out Malaysia, to propagate it. These includes, durian, papaya, oranges and limes, aesthetic plants for landscaping and more. He is a researcher and currently I’m not sure what he is into. He told me, something to do with allocations of researchs, according to the national policy. That’s why these issues of biotechnology come up.

I’m not so sure about my electives postings. I am really keen to see, clinical trials conducted in Malaysia. However, only UKM and USM offers such attachments, and I really dont have any contacts within both of the universities.

And the problem is, research attachement are too short in duration. 6 weeks, what the hell.

So I have listed out the things I am seriously interested to do research.

1. Biochemistry, oxidant and antioxidants, lipid lowering alternative agents, and endocrinology
2. Childhood obesity in Malaysia; prevention and effectiveness of programs; obesity and dietetics; weight loss issues
3. The new upcoming Malaysian, product Ficus Deltoidea, Maschotek, studies showed significant reduction in glucose levels. (Analisa Makmal) Last year 2005 the research started. I can not find any clinical trials egarding this product. (Herbal medicine)
4. Any herbal preparation for LDL lowering agents. Statins or any similar products. 

and I have six weeks just to think what research I want to do.

If you have a problem tackle it to their roots. Malaysias going to become a developed nations sooner or later, and obesity is the upcoming pandemic, and is already is.


Written by M Khairul Z

October 8, 2006 at 1:17 pm

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  1. if you try emailing the ppim list bout research, im sure u can get contacts to the unis u want.


    October 13, 2006 at 5:25 am

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