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I sorta went to some kedai makan in Kuantan and did some over-generalized observations of Alif and one kedai I know well owned by this Malay guy.

I was sorta dissapointed when, almost everytime I ordered my food and stuffs, I can bet you it is always more than 10 minutes. Even up to 1 hour for one meal. Come on la.

Just to see that Alif is thriving with customers, day in and out, with high turnover of customer really bug me.

Let say,

1. The system at Alif is way efficient than this stall. You order. 7 minutes!! Can you believe it it takes only 7-8mins to order a Nasi Goreng Kampung; and it took almost like 45mins to take the same order at this stall.

2. Customers are expected to leave after 20-30mins after lepak at Alif, and this gives better revenues. For the same reasons, the service MUST be efficient. 20-30 mins. It would be at lost, if it takes 40 mins just to manage one food.

3. Although the food is more expensive at Alif, but the service is so efficient than really nobody would care, driving or spending a couple of bucks just to eat their dinner. Man! Come on. People are hungry!

4. The management is specialized. Those who cook only cook. Those who take care of the customer only take care of the customer, and those who jaga at the counter only take care of the money.  This saves time. However, more workers are needed.  Well, no problem if you can optimized your income with your spending.

5. In term of stress, workers at Alif are least stress, because they are well specialized into their current ‘positions’. Technically, they are much much efficient. Saves time, cost and stress.

So there you go, my over-generalized observation. Customer-oriented business.

Not selling what we have, but to sell what customers wants.

Thats why we will fall!

… Doing my Family Medicine posting in Balok. Nice place to learn. Busy with people and having limited staffs 🙂


Written by M Khairul Z

November 1, 2006 at 9:58 pm

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