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Pain is the predecessor of success.

..what does it take to become a leader..

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You see, there’s always a formula to do anything. Although, not necessarily the formula can be applied to everything. But it helps a lot when, you’re in trouble, or you get that confused cum blanko feeling or thinking, or both. To become a leader, there criterias to be met. Not only it has to be relevant to the situation, but it has to be, comprehensive and oriented.

The current Muslim world is in need of leaders. But a different kind, a different approach and a different line of thought. But still, fundamentals and priciples are maintained upon. The main message fundamental message, is still, the message that every single prophet and rasul had brought. The same message, yet forgotten by the rest of the humanity.

31:13 And, lo, Luqman spoke thus unto his son, admonishing him: “O my dear son! Do not ascribe divine powers to aught beside God: for, behold, such [a false] ascribing of divinity is indeed an awesome wrong!”

The message of tauhid. This is the most fundamental message that, the way I see it, people tend to forget. That God Exist.

then others will follow.

The realization of God takes a lot of effort.

Remember these warnings.

31:6 But among men there is many a one that prefers a mere play with words [to divine guidance], so as to lead [those] without knowledge astray from the path of God,and to turn it to ridicule: for such there is shameful suffering in store.

– Currently reading, Majalah I, about the Rufaqa Corporation. I understand that, the mechanism of it operates, is like making a new nation. Another nation that, will later engulf the nation. How and Why did they become wrong. Talked to my father about it, it is a wrong of understanding of its people, making them so called deviater.

Friends been making jokes on creating another legacy called, Kufara’. Hehe 🙂


this was very refreshing. Read this.  Lesson from Musa and Harun:Leadership.


Written by M Khairul Z

January 13, 2007 at 12:03 pm

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