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..of modernity, minimalistic and islamic

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You may wondering why in the world would I choose such topics. Modernity, minimalistic and Islamic.

You see, the cultural era that we’re living in is in the post-moderity I guess. We re living in the presumptive era of modernity but the lifestyle that we chose is still in the excessive wastage. garbage making, unefficient era.  Modernity does not represent this.

Modernity represent era of global awakening towards efficiently, disciplined thoughts and errorless time frame. Modernity does not represent fast-food problems, obesity and diabetes, it represent the Management of the these over-the-counter problems. It represent thoughts and ideas that are well catagorized and defined. It gives a symbol of “squareness”. Yes, professinionalism. It had the representation of a wikipedia life. It terms of art it represent a compartmentalised new era for meticulous, and delicate procedure to symbols of lines and squares.

Only that, it is not practiced.

To me minimalistic is more of a direct approached step by step thoughts.  Very clear, clarity, and out spoken unihibited thoughts. Minimalistic is like, a laptop you see. No wires, inbuilt and simply nothing. It does not see, new inventions. It sees, effective, quality and paperless managment.

You see, we failed to realised this.


Because of the ‘marketing bombings’ from the media. We tend to follow what we see. We like the things that we know. We are inhibited by this mental block? We do not want to open to new ideas and new thoughts.

We are dominated by our out of control whims, yes the word I’m looking for is,whims.

We sometimes do not see other important things lying infront of us. We do not read and we do think and we do not write.

The way I see this has to changed.

We must leaerned and be proficient, efficient and motivated, keep up and not dying. Think of it as a new challenged. See it as new ideas and thoughts. Write or enjoyement and our hopes. Tell the world that we will become better.

 Learned to self control.

and be Islamic.

-p.s this ortho has really dawn upon me, a new thoughts to time management and work efficient. I read book in my free time, I didn’t get enough sleep, they say.

Currently reading “Malay Bussiness; Shukor Omar” and “The wake-up call; Hamzah Hasan”. interesting to note that, both writers hav different idea but they perceived the same problems differently.

 Reading about Pablo Picasso

 the ideas and revolutionary “art thoughts” that he has contributed.


Written by M Khairul Z

March 3, 2007 at 11:23 am

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