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You see, the trends of diseases in the world are changing. I rather called it the first world, diseases. Strokes, MVA, Spinal Cord injury, Traumatic Brain Injury and so on.

During the elective, I managed to be posted into neuro-medical rehabilitation, neuro-surgical rehabilitation, spinal cord injury rehabiliation, amputee rehabilitation. But I was not able to get an overview of padiatrics rehabilitation.

Why I chose this posting?

We were in a group, Nazmi, Rafeek, Azlin and Asmah. We discussed what is the best potential postings.

So we came up with, five things. Rehabilitations; at that time I didn’t know bit of rehab, Hyperbaric medicine, Transplant and Transfusion Medicine, Research work with Phamacology; Dr. Azizi and Going to oversea.

We had to cancel the going to oversea because the time was too limited. We had to sent in the proposal later that the given date.

SO after discussing with Nazmi, about going to Sabah and all we thought off if we had wanted to do a specialiazed, I mean a very specialized posting than we should be heading to KL. The center of the research. Rather than doing some research in Sabah.

Some how Azlin managed to convinced me of doing Rehabilitation medicine.

Yes, it was a very different world all together. It was mostly postgrad stuffs. Neurothis and neurothat.

and in the end they had offerd us to do Masters later on in Rehabilitation medicine.

Rehabilitation work are of more into welfare works Not entirely into the medicine proper. It was more of knowing SOCSO, Jab. Kebajikan MAsyarakan, orthoses and prostheses and more over we had the Biomedical Engineering offered to further into engineering field. Can you believe it? After 4 years of studying medicine I anm still interested in designing robotic arm. PErgh! I written that in one pink book. Still couldn’t find where the book was.

Biomedical engineering was still a small department in U.M. So the Head department had offered us some insight to further our studies into engineering.

and then, the posting ended.

Kudos to Dr. Nazirah, Rehabilitation Medicine Dept. Dr. Rameezan and yes there was one graceful lady professor. The one who started the Rehabilitation Dept. Pusat Perubatan Rehabilitasi. She was like my grand ma. Treated us very nice. She even called us babies ! 🙂

some journals to be refferd later on for our reports.

Advances in Clinical Neuroscience & Rehabilitation

Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development

We had numerous visits. Wound Clinic, Diabetic Podiatric CLinic, CPO workshop, Amputee, SCI, Stroke, Neurosurgical Clinic,  Wads, IDR, IDC, Biomedical Engineering U.M, Round, Neurorounds, Sitting Clinic, Wheel chair clinic and, Physiotheraphy and Occupational Theraphy.


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May 18, 2007 at 12:11 am

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  1. any rehab photos to share?


    May 18, 2007 at 9:51 am

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