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You see, patient with rehabilitation referrals are the ones that are really in need. Why? because rehabilitation plays the part of maximizing the patient quality of life even with patient disabilities.  That quality of life is important, for patients to live on.

Not only that, rehabilitation helps patient to cope with daily living. Even to the simplest activities you and i, usually ignored. Eating, washing, combing, moving. The rehabilitation team would academically, called it ADL or Activity of Daily Living.

But to a certain extent, the best rehabilitation i would consider is to have that, positive outlook on life.Take a little bit of your time, pondering, how grateful you are?

You see, to live a life is when you see your self in that positive mood.

That mood when you are so productive and ‘abled’.

I regret of leaving one of my patient there. He was so depressed and I just couldn’t help him. He mentioned of taking away his life.

I’m hoping that, the rehabilitation team could help him to move on with life. A little more.

Yep, eventhough the clinical psychologist isn’t around, life will move on.


Celebrating life day by day.


Written by M Khairul Z

May 19, 2007 at 1:01 am

Posted in Medical Life

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