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.. Physiology in black and Red..

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I’ve been gathering some friends for our art project for the Open day. I’m planning to set up this exhibition at our lobby entitled something like ; Physiology in Black and Red.

Why Black and Red?. Those too colours are colour of horror I would say. Very catchy and vivid.

If anybody had watched the Maxis new ads on TV, you would realised how they combine black, red, and white. And they’re corporate colour is Red and White. Digi’s yellow theme and Celcom’s Blue ads.

 And why I had chose, Physiology; because; the subject is very wide. Anything can be physiology. Physio-anatomy and, pathophysiology and applied physiology.


in the mean time, i’m helping out my dad setting up the family business. A new blog he had set up, a company we formed under the name Agronaz.  Agro ; agriculture and Na Noor Aris and Z is  Zainudin.

Still an enterprise. But we are looking forward for project consultancy’s this year. Looking forward to developed farms this year.


Good luck.


Written by M Khairul Z

May 21, 2007 at 11:30 am

Posted in Art, My Products

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