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.. a cross cultural relationship..

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I’ve been on a “reading spree” on the internet for a quite sometimes now. I’ve been looking into topics on relationship, cross cultural differences, values and attitudes, marriage, and a handful more.

I went on searching, and found on, a topic that, rarely the Malay people will talk about. A cross cultural relationship. You see, the niche where I am living is about marriage of a one Malay guy to another Malay girl. Why? I guess I belong to that conservative ‘Islamic’ family. But I was wondering how would cross cultural difference affect a relationship.? How would the simplest thing in life, like food, lifestyles and contacts or friends affect on the couples’ relationship.

Most of the stories I heard of, are either end up divorce or separated. And, I really don’t think that, the question why they are separated can be answer with a simple answer such as: cross cultural differences.

I think of it on issues such as acceptance and tolerance. All relationship needs that special ingredient of, A n T. Acceptance and Tolerance. To a certain extend, relationship needs sacrifices, and sacrifices are not easily guaranteed. The cultural norms would dictate the sacrifices people are making.

And among others, I guess, doing homeworks are the best ingredient towards a healthy relationship. Knowing what your partners wantings, and the things they don’t like.

Of course, there will be a day when everything had gone wrong. But my bet is, stand and safe guard that relationship. All that struggle is worthwhile.

In an era, where marriages are fiddled with and, divorce are ‘popularized upon’, I am that conservative guy. Not a playa’ .

Blog-4-help give some good tips on maintaining a cross cultural relationship.

Who knows later on people will be so homogeneous when, everyone knows everyone?

Cheers to world peace.! 🙂

Suara Anum: CK Tan wrote something similar.


Written by M Khairul Z

May 31, 2007 at 2:07 pm

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