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You see, the world revolves on sceptism. Denial, and rejections. The highest of quality depends on, these values. The negativity of a product,  writings, and rejections of hypotheses.

The medical world, is entirely depending on this scientific idea. The denial of a hypotheses.

However, denying hypotheses does not equate to a righteous-ness. Denying false does not necessary mean the other way round is true.

Truth that is absolute can not be attained from scientific studies. Because, the truth is higher than that.

The truth is absolute.

Logical and rational approach to, truth does ensure the ends of their meaning.

Rather, logical and rational approach rather, exclude the undeniably false!

So you see, the medical world is rather relatively ever-changing. What wrong now, can be right, later on!

Therefore, the crucial thing is that, what makes the truth and false bind in one group, is actually possibilities.

Nothing is impossible!

I like the idea, of lateral thinking by Edward de Bono. Crazy, creative, and experimental approach. 


Written by M Khairul Z

June 21, 2007 at 9:10 am

Posted in Medical Life, My Islam

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