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.. listening to the sound of the ‘that’ song..

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I’m not an avid listener of nasyid, because sometimes I just feel that, the people who sings them are just a total hypocrite. I may be wrong but, at least there’s possibilities that I’m right. Look at what happened to people like Brothers, and groups like your high school nasyid group.

There a lot more truth in songs that other people sings.

To me, songs shouldn’t be something yang ‘melaghakan’. Songs should be of humanity, of universal truth, of spirits and motivations. Songs should be inspiring, and crossing that stereotyped border. Song should not be of propaganda and of materilistic, hedonistic and ‘worldly’ values. Songs should have a ‘heart’ and that universality of thoughts.

Songs should be of dignified and truth.

Of course, songs are expression of thought, ‘kecewa dan tak mungkinkan menyatu’, songs of having no hopes, ‘tiada lagi aku impikan’ and ‘takkan lagi ku bersama mu’. But this are values of loving and embracing difficulties. These are expressiong of failure and loss. Again, I must emphasize I may be wrong. ‘Biarkan sahaja sampai disini’

And on the other hand, songs of ideas and yes, knowledge. From small inspirational writers of Andalusia, and the stories of Burung hud hud. From the calssical thoughts of Pachelbel, Habenera. That facial expression of, opera singer singing literally their hears out.

But one thing remains of immediate important.

Songs are just words. The immaculate truth are not the absolute truth.

You get what I mean. 🙂

I did it my way.

p/s: Lastnight, I gave a speech to the new students. My purpose of being the President, and the common good for the Mahallat residents.

And yes, things were not easy. I will step down in two or three months. And still, a lot of things in need of changing. Things were never easy. Hope I have done my part succesfully, and Allah will give redha’ with my small contributions to the happiness of the Kampus Kuantan big family. 🙂

Its kind of sad, when you are in 5th year and you will be leaving this place in ten months 298 days to professional exam to be exact.

Anjung Cafe' thinking of my future!

Anjung Cafe’ wondering whats going to happen next!


 I found this site, i like it. Fetal Position – submit to your Lord


Written by M Khairul Z

June 26, 2007 at 10:04 pm

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