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.. the functional English..

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The way I see it, among the main subjects, the Malay people should acquire, is that flair of confidence with English.

To me English, should be about getting that message across. English should be mastered. Why?

1. Research papers and literatures are mostly in English. Therefore, to study into the global arena, English is the fundamental tool in acquiring this knowledge. And, I support the idea that, nation should be research driven.

2. English should be functional. English should be molded into the contemporary culture. English should be political and over-use. The language should be come a second nature, so that, understanding it becomes easy.

3. English is just another language. It has certain meaning when things a said. It need not to be perfect. But, of a learned student, English is your weapon to good and respectable, and yeah academical purpose. Just like that, course English for Academic Purpose. But you dont have to use your flair of english while lepak at that Starbucks or that pasar malam, or kopitiam.

English is just another tool.

4. English I emphasize is not being English. You can be a Malay nationalist or the so called, Malay fundamentalist. English is a language. Master english. And new langauges that, I find of economical importance is Chinese and Hindi. Although, I cant speak. But, you see, there are prospects in learning these languages. Why Hindi? India is the world professional’ supplier’. Teachers, lawyers, doctors and all. And China is the world’s factory. Dont you think.

I am rather disturb with people saying there is no need to understand English. I can rebut this easily. But they would rather refer it to their ‘mentor’. Ustaz and all. Being selfly indulged in that complacency or the Malay attitude that these ustaz promote.

You see, Allah says that, you have to get know people around you. Find it.
And I get irritate with people keeping around people their own identity. All these Kelantenese, Negeri Sembilan and, KL ites.

Get to know people and learn about them. Yep. That is the functional language.

P/s: The world is flat. That’s what I used to think. Eventhough, I was bombarded with the idea that the world is round until my parents had told me about it. You see, I ‘m very stuborn. So. stubborn. Terribly stubborn. Hehe


Written by M Khairul Z

June 30, 2007 at 4:33 pm

Posted in Islam, Medical Life

2 Responses

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  1. I have to agree with you on the English stuff. But not on the world is flat. Heheh.


    July 14, 2007 at 11:12 am

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