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You see, I wonder how many of you realized the idea of cross cultural marriages. I was reading, NST Sunday Times, July 15, page 28, in regards to do a research more on this inter cultural marriage.

I see it as a tool in promoting and dakwah in Islam, a method of boosting unity and learning. Inter cultural marriage would provide among the best foundation of, converting and reverting into Islam. Only the problem is the cultural norms are seldomly accepted.

Marriage is the bonding between two families, therefore it is doom to have problems. But you see, through mutual understanding and priority, its the best way of developing one self in an experimental and closed environment. I think you should learn more about your spouse after you had see through yourself. Marriage is the most mature stage where you should be in a state of super-ego.

That’s why Cross-cultural marriages will be a dominating force in the dakwah of non-muslim in Malaysia.

You see, love is blind. Islam isn’t.

P/s: Dr M says that, Islam accepts anyone of diverse upbringings and traditions. And it does not stop Muslim from practicing, their own cultures so long as it within the scope of the Islamic teaching. True aye.

Submit to your Lord


Written by M Khairul Z

July 15, 2007 at 11:22 am

Posted in Islam, Jews, Medical Life

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