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.. what if I am 80 years old today..

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I was wondering, what if I am 80 years old today. How would I see the world? Let say, I was born around the year 1910. How would I understand the world around me. Would I be even able to read? or given that I am 80 years can I see?probably got some sort of cataract.

You see, its really difficult to see, the 80 years old lady walking by her self at my housing areas. As if, by the age of 60 years most of them are already sitting in lonesome in their houses or technically dead. Although the housing area, which I have been living in is only 20 years developed.

The house that, my dad bought was in the year around 1985. So nearing to 20 years.

I wonder what if I was 80 years old.

p/s: Exam again. Tired and frustrated. Tomorrow my clinical exam

I am at the CC. Lots a girls around, doing assignment of Islam, ajaran sesat and, akidah topics. But non of them wearing proper girl y clothing. I wonder.   😦


Written by M Khairul Z

July 23, 2007 at 8:19 pm

Posted in Islam, Medical Life

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