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.. the types of eyes’ discharge..

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I was intrigued, when I read this post from, Jenis-jenis air mata in her blog. The types of eyes’ discharge or crying. And I was wondering about these, Kata Ibnu Qayyim – 10 Jenis Tangis
So I took the time to describe that piece in time

1) Menangis kerana kasih sayang & kelembutan hati.

You feel sad when you see, another failure to thrive child in the ward and got beaten, emotionally deprived by their parents.

You feel extremely sad, by the infamous notorious child abuse, and leaving babies in dustbins, longkang, and mosque.

That sadness when seeing that young boy selling ‘kuih’ with her mother, seeing them happily smiling.

2) Menangis kerana rasa takut.

You feel that, extreme inadequacy when confronting your God. Remembering that song, “Wahai Tuhan ku tak layak ke syurga mu, namun pula aku takut ke syurga mu”– capture that ironic feeling of afraid and wanting to be there.

That, nothingness you are after reading Hawking’s a brief history of time. You are really nothing compare to the universe that Allah created. How little you are. Insignificant being.

Wondering whether your taubat is accepted. 😦

Feeling of afraid, after not being able to responsibly, or irresponsible of; forgetting to ask that fundamental question to establish that must-exclude-diagnosis, and performing inadequate physical examination, and ordering reckless investigations just to siap-kanlah attitude.

Crying after the exam, wondering whether you’ll pass or not, or feeling unable to answer that kacang question.

That super duper ‘alamak’.

3) Menangis kerana cinta.

Crying whether that ‘one’ person will be there for you, and still be there. Wondering whether that ‘one’ person will wait or not.

Having to cry with that bliss feeling, when that one person saying yes to you finally.

Wondering whether you will get to see your parents again before leaving to your study place.

4) Menangis kerana gembira.

That endorphic feeling of achievements and sweet success after that long grueling postings’ ordeal.

Feeling that success. Feeling that you have help enough.

Listening to Make a memory by Bon Jovi, after talking with your friends about things you have done at your high school.

Having to cry and laugh seeing your life retrospectively. Herm and huhu.

5) Menangis kerana menghadapi penderitaan.

That before-exam-dilemma after listening Hero by Mariah Carey, make you feel strong but still crying.

6) Menangis kerana terlalu sedih.

That sadness engulfing your existence eating you up bit by bit, making you feel ‘lost’ again and again. That, lost in faith, having no hope, and eternal gloom you’ll seeing when you wake up the next day tomorrow.

That, detached from friends and wanting to be alone but still, anger and sadness in one moment in time.

That, guilt and tiredness of living.

7) Menangis kerana terasa hina dan lemah.Never or not yet.
8)Menangis untuk mendapat belas kasihan orang. Never
9) Menangis kerana mengikut-ikut orang menangis. Out of context
10) Menangis orang munafik – pura-pura menangis.

I wonder whether those I have bold were truly the crying hear. It cynical, isn’t. Crying comes from the heart. Yes it does. But why do we cry? Why?

“..dan bahawasanya DIA lah yang menjadikan orang tertawa dan menangis.” (An Najm : 43) Enough said. I wonder.


Written by M Khairul Z

July 29, 2007 at 12:19 am

Posted in Islam, Medical Life, Think

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