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.. Gwen coming to Malaysia..

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I found this website while searching and browsing for ideas and fulling up my free time. Akhie Naim’s Blog: Gwen Stefani? No Thanks! and Malaysian group urges ban on Gwen Stefani concert

I personally like the creativity in Gwen musics. Really, it is out this world. But the problem is, the culture that it brings together with.  It too ‘ obscene’ to the native Malaysian eyes.

The roots of morality in Malaysia, is heavily depended on traditions, and listening to what your-mother and my-mother say. To preserve that, social morality is not a day job. It requires mothers all around the world to instill and cultivate that morality in the childhood stages.

It requires a build-up motivation and a sense of forbidding and letting-go.

Then, there this new era of hedonism that is setting its pace in the Malaysian scene. There to much entertainment and too much non-sense.

Why not invest in intellectual ideas and freedom? Ideas and ideas? With the Maxis investment in to sponsoring Gwen’s concert, why not invest into yout programs and activities. Milo has done it what?. I saw this new Milo advert, sponsoring the youth games. Better.

Probably of the different target groups. Maxis wants to maintain that, hedonistic ideas, while Milo has that corporate responsibility building up this nation.

Think! I wonder how many Malay are actually ‘independent’, politically and morally.

I wonder how many Malays can think and act. 😦


Written by M Khairul Z

August 1, 2007 at 11:09 am

Posted in Islam, Medical Life, Think

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