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.. Surgery Year 5..

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Well, I am in Surgical Posting. Another two weeks and I’m off to the exam hall.

I had been studying, but its kinda purposeless. I rather stay in the ward and learn directly from patient. Textbook are summaries. The whole stories, pathology and everything, with patients. And, the thing I like most is that, when I gain that critical information on managing patients.

Oh well, had not been writing for so long. Too busy I guess.

Things I’m into right now! Fusion recipe. Yeah! Those sweet savouring delicacies. That east meets west cooking. Most of the time, I would be reading on how to prepare a fushion food.

It’s interesting that, the concept of fusion recipe had its renaissance. Malaysia, loads of fusion recipe. Nan tandoori with ais limau. Sang me yee with Coffee. Herm. Interesting. This evening, gonna find me some good recipe, so that, I can cook that, Tenggiri. Had been thinking, Tenggiri cooked like salmon. With lime and all. I wonder what would it taste like.

And, had been composing, canon in G the malay version. Still figuring out how to make it a Malay song with Hakimi. Something enlightened, renaissance-like, but malay. Not too ethnic but appreciable. But still figuring it out, and I had been practising that 400 years old chord time and time again. Still no idea, fresh and original idea.

And, with surgery. I had been covering ward round. It tiring, but in the next 6 months I am gonna become a doctor. A graduate-fully-recognised-medical-officer.  It really fulifilling if you can understand the disease process, natural history and the management for patient. Oh well. 🙂

I still have to work out that, Fusion Recipe and the Canon in G Malay Version.

Give ’em some Malayness. 


Written by M Khairul Z

September 7, 2007 at 12:12 pm

Posted in Medical Life

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