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..The Case of Nurin Jazlin ..

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I had some time reading the case of Nurin Jazlin. The innocent child whom finally, found after lost for three weeks. Found dead.

Devastated, denial and anger. Those are the feelings that I can only project in Nurin’s father and family. Helpless.

The culprit, who makes the news,– as if, he was someone, needing of attention, and in manic.


The question that makes me wonder is why? Why would he have chosen Nurin? Being helplessly innocent and naive, that satan worshipped cultist I would called him, it, or the ” Kampung Baru molester” chosed Nurin, for her unknowingly inquisitive child mind. Not knowing what would happen next, and unexpecting anything happen in her own child world.

Why? Because Nurin was a little child. No. He must have something in his mind. Disturbed. Manic or schizophrenic.

Depressed and obsessed with attention. He was in need of feeling powerful and in control. He was desperate with the urges of his sick mind. He is, selfishly craving for power.

The social rejections and denials of his rightful power made him obsessed over killing and molesting young innocent child. This man must be, in situations, having paraphilias over, the killing or, torturing of someone. He must be.

Go to Hell.
In memory of Nurin Jazlin

“Somebody has sent her to heaven in a very terrible way. The killers must be found. Let no other child suffer like what Nurin had to endure,”

Had my Surgery posting done. Next Psych “Sakai”itric


Written by M Khairul Z

September 26, 2007 at 3:54 pm

Posted in Medical Life

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  1. Hi Khairul! I stumbled upon your blog while surfing. Am alerting all who blogged about Nurin about an initiative by bloggers. A group of bloggers have joined up to form Citizens for Nurin Alert and they are calling for an alert system that will help find missing children alive. Please read more about NURIN Alert in the latest issue of TELL magazine and come join us.


    December 1, 2007 at 10:01 am

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