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.. Psychiatric patients are infectious…

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I never knew psychiatric patients before this. I didn’t know that they can be ‘infectious’. They can be depressed, they can be manic and they can be disorganized. Confused there is another word. Psychiatrist do not use the word confused. They have different definations of everything. Mood, Affect, Speech, Thought, Intelligence; all are the objective tools in measuring ‘insanity’ or sanity.

I had onced been terribly depressed. But I see a lot of people have much complicated problems to solve. Sometimes, the personality of one person affects how he reacts towards a problem. How he solve and cope with stress?

How he sees the world from his ‘blinded’ eyes?

Psychiatric is not philosophy, it is sheer objective observations of human being. The distorted and misunderstood abnormal or supernormal people.

Psychiatry is not a punishment, it is a diseased. Psychiatric defines the normality of people. Then they argue about the validity presentable signs and symptoms. They scrutinized histories to answer the question why?

But that why remains elusive? Unable to objectively validify through the limited knowledge that human have. No pathology but affecting the social functions-them called ‘responsibilities’, and that is Psychiatry.

Psychiatric patients, especially manic can laughed their hearts out, and together we laughed. Not of pity, but of being ‘himself’.

With Dr. Hajee Ismail.

Can you rememeber when was the last time that you thought you were crazy? – nope, you weren’t. Until somebody else knowing you said you are crazy, then you might just be! šŸ™‚


Written by M Khairul Z

October 26, 2007 at 11:45 pm

Posted in Medical Life

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