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I’m feeling way elated and happy today. Partly because I ve managed to do the Guerrilla Routine. I feel like bursting into pieces now.Literally, as if my hand and legs are torn apart.

The whole body “spasm” I would call it. Especially the gluteus medius, maximus and the minimus, and the hamstrings muscles. I cannot even strain my self when I go to the loo. I have to hold onto the side walls to get up. But its worth it.
I finally understand that, I need to build the core muscles. The erector spinae, lumbar, psoas, the trapezius, shoulder muscles, and the butt muscles. I think these are the core and th axial muscles. The abs and the tranversus abdominis.

Actually building these muscles are much easier than I thought. Building biceps and triceps are comparatively harder.

So the regime.

1. Squating 20 X
2. Bench press 20 X
3. Pull down 20 X
4. Lunges 20 X
5. Military press 20 X
6. Kettle lift ( I call this) 20X
7. Step up 20X
8. Tricep extension 20 X
9. Leg Extension 20 X
10. Biceps Curl 20 X
11. Leg Curl 20 X

Actually the regime is not mine. Its from the latest mens’ health. Then repeat this once.

If you had realised the work out, involves the upper body and without a brake, you go on into the lower body work out. Use at least 15 – 20 pounds dumbbells.

And, finally I get that burn, that I want.

More aching and feeling less irritable. Much natural endorphins. Feeling better and more of my manic side. An, tonight I want to sleep early. Get them growth hormones kicking.

I’m planning to squat at least 100 pounds in this 2 and a half months time at least 10 times. Let see okay.

Belly off challenge Started on, 21 January 2008.

some friends on the Belly off quest.

and of course, the MH fitness challenge.

5 single leg squat
1 mile burst less than 7 minutes
Chin up 10 times
Push up 50 X.

Kacang jer nih. Nak maintain susah ma! Asyik fast food jer!


Written by M Khairul Z

January 21, 2008 at 10:35 pm

Posted in Belly off

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