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.. community service in Kg. Sg. Tiang and Kg. Gol Lek..

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I had the chance to go to the Community Service that the Kulliyyah of Medicine, UIA had done.

We had been screening the whole kampung for any diabetes problems or hypertension and of course given that Kg. Sg. Tiang Kg. Gol Lek is way deep in the Ulu Tembeling region, we had to find for endemic goitre, infections especially worm and fungal and, at the same time I was really looking forward to look for valvular heart diseases. No cases of stroke. Anemia is actually quite common in that Kampung. I wonder why?

Most of the people there are malnourished and living a simpleton way of life. But they are happy.

Some cases of depression and schizophrenia were also noted.

I had referred some cases to Hospital Jereantut. One Metabolic Syndrome patient, and still investigating, one very severe goitre patient, and a perforated tympanic membrane patient. Yusran, Nik and Che Mat were there. The had some inguinal hernia cases, malignant hypertension , and suspected breast carcinoma. Zurairah and Nurul were also there. I didn’t get to see their patients.

Most if the villagers are the Malay and Orang Ali people, and to my surprise they live together in a very closed knitted community.

We also had the dentist to check the children teeth, and the nurses giving small lectures on basic hygiene

Dr. Samsul (FMS) was also there

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Written by M Khairul Z

February 1, 2008 at 9:13 am

Posted in Medical Life

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