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..alas, it’s over..

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I’ve been thinking lately, where will I be in 5 years time? Med school is over.

I’ve got tonnes of things to tell. With my marriage coming up, I have so many things to write, but I need to get things rite first!

Kulliyyah of Medicine, Prof Tahir, Mr. Juniaini, and Prof. Nasser. And then, my re-examination stories, with Shukri; 6 months repeating his studies, and Naimah getting honours for her studies.

With Khairil getting MAS industrial training, and planning my self for future to where to go for my housemen with Nadiah. Meeting families when you have finally got that doc title, to friends and families. Woah! so many things.

And then, AGD, the performance during AGD! , and “Lepak kat rumah Yo!” and watching movies.

and my new found hobby, to Raja Petra and KKM, SPA and JPA interview.

Khairulorama’s caption pun kena start tukar, bukan lagi med students tapi, a housemen.


Congrats everyone! all the doctors from IIUM.

certainly will be missing you!

and to me…

congrats Dr. Khairul


Written by M Khairul Z

May 8, 2008 at 12:00 am

Posted in Medical Life

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