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.. my trip with my wife..

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I had the pleasure of visiting KT with my wife last weekend. Ayah and mak  also was there  attending anak Che ngah wedding.

We had missed the flight going to KT, gate closed. The flight was at 2.50 pm and we arrived at the KLIA at 2.20 pm.  So we had to take the next flight at 7.45 pm, and arrived at KT aroung 8.30 pm.

Then we went to Che ngah’s house at around 9.20 pm and got back to Tuk de house at around 11.00pm.

The house actually next to Sg. KT. 

The next  day we went toAyah’s Ni house.
he had already pension and living the good life in KT

.. life is good in KT..
not the mess in KL..

then we went to Che’ de Met house
had eaten like a alot ..

then went to Gong Badak .. the house where mak was borned
and mak’s elder sisters, Che ‘s da and Mama Jah

then we went back to KL at aorund 9.00pm

I have a lot of saudara in KT after marrying Nadiah.. 🙂


Written by M Khairul Z

March 9, 2009 at 9:45 pm

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