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.. how the global recession affects my life ?..

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.. You see, when I was a student studying, I did not understand the impact of recession to my personal life. I was on a scholarship + my parents gave me some spending money..

Now, already working in the the government sector, being a doctor in  hospital, I realized that the recession really affect the whole hospital comunity.

I was thinking the solutions for a hospital to save money

1. Patient care
– usage of consumable such as, gauze, cottons, and bandages should be optimized
– certain unnecessary investigation should not be done
– better understanding of patient therefore, pt care is more on clinical and experience instead of the aloud spoken “Evidence- based medicine” . Not everything evidence-based should be apply in local settings
– taking more hx of patient therefore provide reliable directions towards investigations
– using more of generic drugs, but optimization to a better dose, not solely depending on imported drugs
– using resources effectively, oxygens, electricity, water and air- conditioned

2. Doctors
– should transfer cases to available hospital, so that local resources are not over used and compromise other patients
– admitting only necessary cases, based on clinical + reliable investigation
– using equipment sucha as X ray/ U/S more effective e.g not making unnecessery investigations and minimal
– make patient pay for their blood investigations
– effective planning with a good back up plan

.. may be that’s all for now..
Good luck everyone 🙂


Written by M Khairul Z

March 15, 2009 at 6:33 pm

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