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It was a stupid night. I saw this young lady who is probably in her early 20s. She had been coming to the hospital complaining of back pain. Twice.

I wonder at first sight, thinking most probably she was having some urinary infections. I had sent the urinalysis, and in mind- thinking that this lady just might have some stones. Just as I was about to order x ray for the kidney, I was thinking, better to play safe and sent the standard urine pregnancy test -and I realised she was trying to tell something else

At the same time, I was seeing two asthmatic patients.  I was going to and fro, to the observation ward, just to keep track of my ‘berak-muntah” patient.

I was surprised, when I saw the UPT +. What !
I repeated another one, just to make sure that I was right. And it turned out posititve again.

My first absurd question was ” Adik, awak  ade buat benda-benda pelik-pelik tak?” Looking at the innocent girl I was baffled with contradictions. “sexual? ”

I had to scan her, just to make sure that the pregnancy is still viable. And walla ; there you go, fetal movement and fetal heart.Dub, dub

I was grateful that I didnt asked for  x ray.

I had to informed the mother.

Both of them were in denial state. ” Tak-de buat ape-ape dengan siapa

” Takde buat ape ? ” I questioned. How the hell, you got the baby then, whispered voice in my head.

The next thing I heard from the mother. “Dr, tak boleh buang ker? ”

I kept quite for a while. This is one of  those moments where your judgement are useless.
I blatantly answered, ” Akak, saya tak nak masuk campur kalau nak gugur kan baby nih, Saya tak nak terlibat..
I was thinking- masuk neraka, masuk neraka

then, I called my senior doctor.
I went out for just a while, just to think what I should and must say.

When I came in to the same room later,  the mother and the young girl had already left…
Listening to this. Everybody want to rule the world.


Written by M Khairul Z

October 5, 2009 at 2:14 am

Posted in Islam, Medical Life

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  1. waahh… serious? this is quite a story.

    and it goes to show the downfall of our morality with the teenagers.


    October 5, 2009 at 5:20 am

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