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It was a stupid night. I saw this young lady who is probably in her early 20s. She had been coming to the hospital complaining of back pain. Twice.

I wonder at first sight, thinking most probably she was having some urinary infections. I had sent the urinalysis, and in mind- thinking that this lady just might have some stones. Just as I was about to order x ray for the kidney, I was thinking, better to play safe and sent the standard urine pregnancy test -and I realised she was trying to tell something else

At the same time, I was seeing two asthmatic patients.  I was going to and fro, to the observation ward, just to keep track of my ‘berak-muntah” patient.

I was surprised, when I saw the UPT +. What !
I repeated another one, just to make sure that I was right. And it turned out posititve again.

My first absurd question was ” Adik, awak  ade buat benda-benda pelik-pelik tak?” Looking at the innocent girl I was baffled with contradictions. “sexual? ”

I had to scan her, just to make sure that the pregnancy is still viable. And walla ; there you go, fetal movement and fetal heart.Dub, dub

I was grateful that I didnt asked for  x ray.

I had to informed the mother.

Both of them were in denial state. ” Tak-de buat ape-ape dengan siapa

” Takde buat ape ? ” I questioned. How the hell, you got the baby then, whispered voice in my head.

The next thing I heard from the mother. “Dr, tak boleh buang ker? ”

I kept quite for a while. This is one of  those moments where your judgement are useless.
I blatantly answered, ” Akak, saya tak nak masuk campur kalau nak gugur kan baby nih, Saya tak nak terlibat..
I was thinking- masuk neraka, masuk neraka

then, I called my senior doctor.
I went out for just a while, just to think what I should and must say.

When I came in to the same room later,  the mother and the young girl had already left…
Listening to this. Everybody want to rule the world.


Written by khairulorama

October 5, 2009 at 2:14 am

Posted in Islam, Medical Life

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  1. waahh… serious? this is quite a story.

    and it goes to show the downfall of our morality with the teenagers.


    October 5, 2009 at 5:20 am

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