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.. How much does a doctor really make .. ?

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I never really put into effort of getting the numbers right. The fact that, I became a doctor was a genuine one. I was actually realizing the dreams of my mother. I lead a simple fact of life. Study hard, and study hard.

I was comparing the earnings of nurses and doctors in Malaysia. Nurses earn more than doctors do. And that’s a fact .I had to find some resources in comparing the earnings of a doctor in Malaysia and other places around the world.  I am still grateful for the 1Malaysia government doctor’s earning scheme though.

Generally, a normal doctor would earn roughly about – RM 40K per year ~ + perks here and there another RM 6 K and oncalls about – peanuts RM 6 K – so totalling to  RM 52 K . These numbers are way far from the U.S/ U.K or our down way neighbour Singapore.

But let us break it into hours RM 100 for 24 hours ~ RM 4.00/ hr – Oncalls- see peanuts again.


In terms of studying, I’ll break it down. In total it takes about 10 years to become a doctor.
1. Form 3 -5 – which include two major public exams – PMR and SPM
2. Matriculation or STPM – one Major exam
3. First till Fifth Year – in total is about – 2 major exams – with numerous continuous assessments~ RM 60 000 – monthly about RM 1 K.

I still don’t have the exact number of the money – my parents spent on my studying.


Therefore, I think there is a need for the government to study or make some changes / revised on the earning of doctors and healthcare professionals. Roughly per hours doctors are making –

Monday – 8 am to 5pm ~ 10 -12 hours per day
Tuesday – 8 am t0 8am ~ 24 hours
Wednesday – 8am to 5 pm ~ 10-12 hours per day
Thursday – 8 am to 5 pm ~ 10-12 hours per day
Friday – 8am to 8am~ 24 hours
Saturday – 8am to 2 pm ~ 6 hours
Sunday – 8am to 2pm ~ 6 hours
* these only accounts if I am having 2 -3 oncalls per weeks

=  90-95 hours per week ~ crazy .. coming to 100 hours per week
per months would be about = 350 – 400  hours per month ~  RM 10-11/ hr.. hehe

Normal doctors should earn at least RM 8000 – RM 9000 per months, or make it RM 20/hr.

Our working hours a way long, and away from family. For example, on oncalls – 24 + 8 hours more – usually I come back from post call at 6.00 pm – The post call off is a LIE .

The significance of this,  is that, literally doctors serves a consultant in regards to the healthcare of personal health. Their presence would mean , reduction in the burden of disease or so. We help the nation to become healthy.

But on the hand, doctors are just way dumb. Working their a** for people; earning -less and  full of responsibility .. hehe funny world. life is unfair like always.. never get your cut.

* on the other hand , normal medical resident in U.S works about 80 hours per week– earning way more than we do.

I quote Stand up!

So, the next time a doctor saves a life, intubates a premature baby, repairs an open fracture, conducts CPR and revive a dead, runs like a headless chicken for group and crossmatch blood, cries with a relative when a patient dies, protects an assault patient from gang rivals, delivers a baby of a complicated pregnancy, gets stuck in op theatre for 8 hours for a kidney transplant, or even muster a SMILE to a patient after working 35 hours non stop….



Written by M Khairul Z

January 10, 2010 at 12:18 am

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  1. So the situation has not improved even a bit?


    June 13, 2010 at 8:04 pm

  2. nurses earn more than a doctor? my mum is a nurse!
    but hopefully there will be increment as your years of services increase.


    January 18, 2011 at 3:53 pm

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