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Why Klinik 1 Malaysia ?

I think  1 Malaysia is a political move by the government of Malaysia to promote better welfare for the people and at the same time strengthen the support towards the current party.

There will be 50 clinics runs by Medical Assistant, Staff nurse and PPK.  No doctors will be in charge. However, doktor will review patient from time to time.

These clinics will see common ailments, common colds, fever and cough, abdominal pain ,  and will be a buffer or a filter triage before all patient referred to Emergency department(ED) . Minor procedures  can be done to reduce the burden of the ED.   These clinics will refer to ED, of more serious cases. Apart from that , it will also reduce the burden of the patient who on average have to pay RM 50 just to see a doctor in town.

But mixed reaction are received.  Ideally, patient should again I stressed SHOULD see a doctor. Why? This is because, doctors were trained to exclude serious disease or – life threatening disease. They were trained since the first day of working.

Then, doctors are the ideal people to seek and understand disease process. These is important to tweak, customize and replace medications.

However, its very hard for doctors to see all patients. Some ‘ green’ cases should be seen seen by MA. There is no urgency in treatment, but again it must be always remind that diseases are not always seen as what there are.

Apart from that, 1 Malaysia clinic will a way to control the spread of disease, or pandemic in a population. To detect trends of disease and to capture early in the disease process.

It is also a way to promote healthy lifestyle , which in the long run, will reduce the cost of treatment of disease.

I support the 1 Malaysia Klinik.


Written by M Khairul Z

January 11, 2010 at 8:31 pm

Posted in Medical Life

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