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Nervous breakdown symptoms .. anxiety neuroses

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Every time, I go into a new posting, I will get this nervous breakdown.

I noticed the symptoms were :-

1. Loss of general interest – like food , and usually the things I am enjoying. I would pre occupy my mind with mindless repeated things.

2. Palpitations – and uncontrollable jittery, back pain and bowel discomfort

3. Mindless eating without purpose

I usually control by

1. talking to my wife – my wife giving positive encouragement
2. getting what my body needs- water, good sleep and occasionally exercise
3. try to relaxed my self by playing computer games
4. read something – eventhough I can not concentrate on the topic well
5. watch movies or you tubing my self – nonsense information usually
6. I usually visualize my self in the best positive position I can

and now I am so nervous getting into Medical postings

I found this very helpful website .

Tip # 1 – Breathing

Tip #2- mental preparation

Tip#3 – Grading your anxiety – mine currently at 5-6/10

Tip #4 РControl  imagination

Tip # 5- AWARE techniques

my sincere tip – just pray thing don’t go bad. ¬†“Ya Allah permudahkanlah urusan hidup ku

Just to share ..

Ibnu sunni meriwayatkan : Rasulallah s.a.w telah menerangkan bahawa barangsiapa yang membaca kalimah ini, orang itu akan dilapangkan Allah dari segala kesempitan.
Kalimah itu ialah doa yang diucapkan oleh nabi Allah Yunus ketika di dalam perut ikan Nun.

Iaitu :
(La ilaha illa anta. Subhanaka inni kuntu minaz zolimin)
Ertinya :”Tidak ada Tuhan yang sebenarnya disembah melainkan engkau, ya Allah.
Maha Suci engkau, sesungguhnya aku adalah dari orang yang membuat zalim.”

Marche of the Nervous robot plushies! from dogboneart


Written by M Khairul Z

March 9, 2010 at 10:08 pm

Posted in Medical Life

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