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The Malaysian people will suffer when the  government is going to take away the subsidies.  We have been enjoying the subsidies for 50 years , and had taken if for granted. Dr M’s blog clearly states this.

However , my concern are in regards to the subsidies for health sectors. I believe, to withhold the public trust, health care should not be compromised.

In fact health care,  education and food are the primary outcome in a caring society as well as in its security.

I have been posted to Dengue ward recently. The cost of monitoring patient having  Classical dengue fever is tremendously high.  On average, patient whom admitted at day 3 to day 4 of illness may need at the least, 8 -10 X of review the blood counts only FBCs

I ‘ve been checking the National Institute of clinical excellence (NICE) guidelines for the cost of each FBC s. Estimates are about 2.87 pounds.  In the US, is about USD 25 -50.  I haven’t  got the guidelines / or prices of FBCs in Malaysia.

Say right now, we have about 18 – 20 patients on an average day.  Usually monitoring of FBCs is TDS or QID basis.

And the cost is incurred under the goverment’s  health sector budget.

These prices are not inclusive of doctor’s oncall, lab maintenace , hospital and workforce care.

Despite all the promotions of TV / TV3 / NTV  still the incidence of dengue is on the rise.

Herm. 🙂


Written by M Khairul Z

June 13, 2010 at 5:23 pm

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