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.. How do I overcome writers block ?..

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I guess the most dreaded thing, for a writer or researcher to have is The Writer’s Block. It is a patron demon of a blank page. Hehe.

Occationally I encounter, nothingness on the blank screen. I was sure of writing something, but I couldn’t get it out from my thick skull.

I went for soul searching. Looking for ideas for my writings.

But the most wonderful thing I discovered was this statement.

” Sekiranya Allah tidak mengilhamkan aku untuk menulis, tidak berdaya untuk aku menitis dakwat walau sepatah kata pun  “

I think that is the best way to overcome writers block. Pray .

Apart from that, you must start writing something.

To make sure that you are not writing something-ly absurd.

1. Read more. The more materials that you are reading, the relevant the idea that you have. A more focus idea and a more intellective the idea gets. ” Intellective” is that a word? Reading make the restless soul calms. It makes the mind more focus and tentative.

2. Leave the perfectionism away. Ideas are ideas. Writings are writings. Not every ideas can be explained or presented in writings. The best of ideas are those which spur more ideas . I found this book by Edward de Bono – it mentioned that, ” The first idea is always rubbish , but the second and third ideas are golden ” The key word is innovative. These are the gems that you have which are unexplored.

3. Composing rather that editing. Composing your own thought is a magical process. Composing requires structured thinking, it requires deep understanding. For men who thinks. ‘Afala takqilun ? It is a thought process that differentiates levels of intellectualism.

4. Remain concentrate. This is a hard one. I usually put a physical border to remain concentrate. There are too much distraction when writing good articles .

5.  Again, I guess the pleasure to writing is reading. Reading gives me idea. Reading gives me thought. Readings gives my hungry mind a wholesome meal.

I think those a few steps are my 2cent to  get rid your thought block or writers block.


Written by M Khairul Z

July 6, 2010 at 8:37 am

Posted in Stress

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