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Self published articles

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Self publishing is a method of publishing your work without an established publisher.

It is entirely done at the expense of the author. This method of publishing is the easiest way to publish your self. These include songs, poems, articles and short stories even small research where the author would publish by himself.  This is call self- releasing.

Among the favorites authors are, George Bernard Shaw, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain and Deepak Chopra . These writer were unknown to the publisher before the had published their work on own.  The were known for their idea and –nonindependency  to  publishing house.

Ownership of the articles are of exclusively under the author. Therefore profits sharing from the selling of self-published articles are basically returns and gains from the author hardwork. However, with the backset in terms of capital, authors are known to produce limited amount of printed material or only accepts print on demand.

Copyrights usually is of exclusivity to the authorship. Publishing house are not able to reprint, reproduced or resell if the author does not want the articles to be produced.

Certain issues, regarding self publishing book, are  occationally authors and editors does not agree with the idea presented.  Writings of self published are of usually self interest  and not for governmental and officials documentations.

Self publishing, is a exemplary of true journalism.


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December 4, 2010 at 1:30 pm

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