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MyEg + 50 % PDRM summons = DoS

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Why MyEg is down for now?

I have two simple answers. Firstly, Malaysian are trying – and hurrying to ‘pay off’ their or checking their summons for now after PDRM announces the 50 % cut off for summons starting 1 December 2010. These cause panicking in Malaysia cyberworld- as always.

Secondly, the MyEg site is down because of the UNINTENTIONAL Denial of Service ( DoS). Probably everyone is hooked to the website causing server max bandwidth Рoverload the webserver.  Despite the claim that myEG is back on track maximum server request will bring down the website again.

In the year 2007, Estonia goverment was hit hard by DoS when two teenagers had intentionally planned a DoS attack. Central Bank lost 1 million in terms of revenues.

In 2004, Carnegie Mellon University studied 100 companies with website which had 17% intentional DoS attacks.

I think that’s why MyEg site is still OFF line.

Probably have to check the bandwiths. That my 2 cents.

P.s Dangerously these UNINTENTIONALLY attacks could also mean INTENTIONAL attacks


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Written by M Khairul Z

December 13, 2010 at 7:29 pm

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