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Neil Armstrong, Jacques Yves Costeau and Scientification of Al-Quran.

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The idea that seeing Allah wonders  which lead to conversion to Islam might be an amazement to Muslim all over. The exact creation of the universe had been repeatedly mentioned in the Al-Quran.

Like in the case of Neil Armstrong. It is strongly believe that Neil Armstrong reverted to Islam. But guess what, it is not true. Check out here. “Armstrong, 75, also denied he had heard the Muslim call to prayer on the moon and had converted to Islam”.  The landing on the moon was on 20th July 1969 did not  lead Armstrong to Islam.

Another case, was Jacques Yves Costeau, the great sea diver. Despite his finding of the no-mechanism-to-explain borderless finding between the borders of, seas and river as you may recall he did not revert/ convert to Islam. See here.

The question is, how did this rumour came around.

Several ideas can be formulated from these rumours for learning purposes.

1. The Muslim must see the limitations of scientific resources to clarify scientific finding to concordance of the al-Quran. Muslim in general should work extra hard to understand the Quran from ” Islamic worldview” to lead them to the tauhidic concept. Primary knowlegde should be inculcated from the Quran, rather that the scientific finding which lead to the Quran. The muslim must question the meaning of the Quran, to understand, to practice and to apply to daily living. Science is only a tool to achieve the understanding of the human observations.

2.  The Muslim must not take that, conversion of great people due to the scientific finding is the ultimatum of truth. We must see that, enlightment ( hidayah) is given to those selected by Allah swt. Not every scientific truth is the absolute truth. Science is not resistant to change. But Al- Quran is permanent.

3. Science is a discipline of neutrality must not be influenced  by any outsource but I again emphasize that science must be integrated to the muslim understandings of the worldview of life.

And, again so what if these great people did not convert to Islam?

May be we can relate to this story in the Quran


Dan (ingatlah) ketika Nabi Ibrahim (merayu dengan) berkata: “Wahai Tuhanku! Perlihatkanlah kepadaku bagaimana Engkau menghidupkan makhluk-makhluk yang mati?” Allah berfirman: “Adakah engkau belum percaya (kepada kekuasaanku)?” Nabi Ibrahim menjawab: “Bahkan (aku percaya dan yakin), akan tetapi (aku memohon yang demikian ialah) supaya tenteram hatiku (yang amat ingin menyaksikannya)”. Allah berfirman: “(Jika demikian), ambilah empat ekor burung, kemudian kumpulkanlah olehmu (dan cincanglah semuanya). Setelah itu letakkanlah di atas tiap-tiap sebuah bukit sebahagian daripadanya. Kemudian serulah burung-burung itu nescaya semuanya akan datang kepadamu dengan segera”. Dan ketahuilah sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuasa, lagi Maha Bijaksana

Try to understand these meanings. Allah berfirman: “Adakah engkau belum percaya (kepada kekuasaanku)?

This was questioned to Ibrahim a.s in regards to his inquisitive nature of human being.

Dont you see?

Scientific studies are only tools in its neutrality. But it is important to acknowlegde that primary knowledge is from Quran.


Again, so what, if Armstrong and Costeau are not Muslim?






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January 19, 2011 at 11:54 pm

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