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What happen to Taruk Kolache, an Afghan town.

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What happen when Lt. Col. David Flynn, commander of Combined Joint Task Force 1-320th, made the decision to drop the bomb. It PULVERIZED the town. It changed the town to ash.


The question it, did he killed any civilians.

The Islamic law forbids mass detructions as such. You dont have to kill the tress, the building, the women and children and the elderly. But such massacre done really shows that, the humanity is loss. What inhuman possible thinking such devastation to the small people of Afghanistan in Taruk Kolache.

The American soldiers DROP 25 TONs of BOMB to people of Taruk Kolache. Where is the justice. Such inhumane thoughts.

Before and  After pictures of the aftermath!


Selamatkanlah umat yang lemah ini! hancure berkecai sudah jasadd mereka.

Claimining no civilans injured after batterred the village with “49,200 lbs. of ordnance” —  resulted in “NO CIVCAS,” meaning no civilians dead.

Is this justify for American soldier to bomb this town. Its like childhood play.



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January 21, 2011 at 1:18 pm

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