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The ideal working environment

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What is the ideal working environment?

My description to this question are;

1. Pleasant working environment
Socially you are able to communicate your thoughts and ideas on whats going on.  If your ideas are always discarded, closed and excusable then you must have a shitty environment. With thoughts going, there are some autocracy given to you in regards to your working. This small room for improvement will make you feel better when come to work. I wonder how does is feel to be a slave? Oh, I was there.  Housemanship.

2. Room for independent
This is very important, as later you will develop skills and experience. But with every decisions is done by the authority then there is no room for YOUR independence.

3. Generating new ideas
New ideas will thrill you. There are some risks but letting yourselves wander, experimenting with ideas will be important in the progress of the work. Innovation are not force upon, instead it is a careful observation and problem identifications. How can you improve your workplace, if there are no place to let you ideas flow.

4. More free time with flexible time-table working
Google has a solution to this. 20% off time for their programmers. Well, at least you can smile!

5. Room for competitions
This including not only work related. Things such as, talent nights, snookers matches, family day is important so that the stressors are released.  At least you can fool around with your boss. You dont need to be so uptight.

6. Not to see patients
Sometimes you get annoyed with seeing patients. Tired of seeing people. Handling peoples’ problems rather than your own problems. There should be a me time, instead of you time.

7. Less medicolegal stuff, instead just have some fun!

8. More family environment!
Not just yes boss, sir, master!

These are my 2cents.

If I am the boss later, I want to take note everything here. So that, I have a very good foundation team to built my business. Not some shitty environment.

Rewarding working life!

And Freedom to live a life! Ofis macam padang permainan!

Found this piece on the internet ! A Low rent life!


Written by M Khairul Z

February 5, 2011 at 4:34 pm

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