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I see the trend we are going now is the capitalization of knowledge. I guess this is the ingredient for a successful nation. The nation whom posessed the greatest amount of knowledge is the leader on the industry.

For Malaysia, the way I see it, we should be the dominant knowledge provider in term of economic and social stability. Our history is not a bloody one. Therefore, rightfully enough,  Malaysia should be the dominant nation in providing the ingredient for a stable nation.

For a third world country, I am proud of Malaysia.

We are way forward than our counterparts, spear – heading into a developed nation.

The region in  which we are living in, is geographically political and economic of interest to other nations. We dont need that much of oil. We dont need that much of nuclear energy.  The geography of our nation is most strategically well placed. The centre of trading. The center of exchange.  The center of biodiversity and we should become the center for knowledge.



Luckily enough our lands are occasionally threatened by earthquakes. But never a serious earthquake had happened to us.
Luckily enough we are not at the meeting points of teutonic plates.

Poor Japan, the nation whom technologically superior halted by the earthquake and tsunami.




Written by M Khairul Z

March 17, 2011 at 4:25 pm

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